House Cleaning

We Organize a House Cleaning That's Right For You!

Regular Cleanings

Have you ever spent a whole weekend dusting, cleaning, and mopping? It’s one of the worst ways to waste a day off, and when you’ve got a million things to do over the weekend, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning your house just to repeat the process in a few weeks. Life is far too short to be worried about cleaning!

You can say goodbye to the headache of cleaning and hello to weekends with Mr Clean Carpet Care’s experienced cleaning services. Furthermore, you may be certain that allergies, dust, and germs are regularly removed, resulting in a comfortable and safe living environment for your family. 

Bonded & Insured.

professional house cleaning services by Mr Clean Carpet Care

Deep Cleanings

Have you ever noticed how quickly the holidays creep up on us? Also, if you’re hosting a large family gathering, you’ll want your house to be spotless before the in-laws come. However, this year, try something new. Schedule a comprehensive cleaning with Mr Clean Carpet Care instead of scrambling.

Deep cleanings are ideal for a variety of events, but many of our clients book them in advance of a family gathering or as part of their spring cleaning routine. A deep cleaning can also be used as a gift! Everyone likes arriving home to a clean room, whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a new baby. 

House Cleaning Specialists in Tempe

You won’t have to do anything because we’ll arrive with all of our own materials. We clean your house using practical procedures, and all of our personnel are properly trained to make your property appear wonderful. We provide the following services:

  • Personalized work
  • Consistent outcomes
  • On every task, you’ll find trustworthy, caring team members.

Allow Mr Clean Carpet Care to handle your housecleaning needs if they are interfering with your passions. During convenient hours, we assist Tempe, Arizona locals. We’ll examine your needs thoroughly and present you with a free, tailored quote. For more information, give us a call right now.  

$40 per room with 3 room minimum. Anything less than 3 rooms $89. 40 cents a square foot for tile with a $89 minimum. If they want upholstery cleaning give us a call for pricing.

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